Real testimonials from real Lasso™ users

“The ease of installation is great. Just put loops over bow and stern, put lasso under or around car top bars and snap together. Quick and secure.”
~ William R. Trione (Rio Rancho, CA)

“Thanks to my Lasso™ kayak lock, my new kayak spent the entire summer out and ready for rides down at the lake. It was obvious that someone had attempted to undo the lock, but thanks to the strength of the Lasso, they couldn’t steel my kayak. I feel good knowing my kayak is safe with your lock and have recommended your product to many friends– who now also feel as safe as I do keeping their kayaks down by the lake”.
~ Britt Anderson, (MN)

“I just received two of your Lasso™ Locks. It is really great to be able to order and receive such a quality item as you are producing. Thank you so much.

~Dave Weaver (Oak Hill, Florida)

“Quite an ingenious setup … the perfect solution to locking my Recluse, which has no U-Bolt or cheekplates to attach a regular cable lock to. It also is very visible, which may act as a deterrent … And the best part is that it will work on all sea kayaks. I’d give it a 9 out of 10 rating.”
~ Wayne Smith (Coventry, CT)

“Thanks you guys for making it easy. Finally, a product that works for keeping my boat safe!”
~ Linda Everest (San Diego, CA)

“While traveling, Lasso™ lets me make all the stops I want without worrying about my boats getting ripped off. ”
~ Ryan Sullivan (Trinidad, CA)

“I like the coating on the cable and the locking system.”
~ Gina Silvernail (Rocklin, CA)

“Quality Design and workmanship. It stands out and even makes my kayak look better! ”
~ Roger R. Fortin (Boynton Beach, FL)

“It’s fast and easy to install. It’s pleasing to the eye and it provides a way to keep my kayak safe.
~ Shirley Burns (Portland, OR)

“Secure and easy to use. Our kayaks are suspended from the rafters in a carport. The cable end is run through a hole in the rafter before locking to prevent the boats from leaving with out me.”
~ Sharon Lindsay (Bellingham, WA)

“I like the bag to store the lock in my vehicle.”
~ Robert Morrissey (Tampa, FL)

“High quality cables are great and the entire system is easy to use. Cheaper than a new boat! ”
~ David Leedy (Ashland, OH)

“The ease of installation. Just put loops over bow and stern, put lasso under or around car top bars and snap together. Quick and secure.”
~ William R. Trione (Rio Rancho, CA)

“Ease of use, adopts to any size boat.”
~ Gabe Scheer (Portland, OR)

“I like that the lock is part of the cable, less pieces, easy to stow.”
~ Jody Bellant (Portland, OR)

“Able to lock singles, unable to cut with bolt cutters.”
~ Stephen Scheer (Scapoose, OR)

“Ease of use, durable, peace of mind.”
~ DJ Davisson (Divide, CO)

“Keeps my boat safe while traveling.”
~ Lisa Pruscron (Divide, CO)

“What do I like most? Knowing that I can leave my kayak on my vehicle and that it most likely will still be there when I return.”
~ Mike Ivie (Portland, OR)

My wife and I decided to invest in a pair of Sea Kayaks this past summer in preparation of becoming empty nesters in the near future and to have something we enjoying doing together and with others. After deciding we liked it enough to make an investment in good boats, we bought our kayaks from The Pelee Wings Store in Leamington, Ontario and made sure we had all the gear we would need for safe and enjoyable paddling. The store did not carry any locking devices for use in storage or for transportation. To insure that we protected our new investment, I ordered a couple of “lasso Security Cables” from MEC and received them within days. Well it was none too soon as it turns out. We had been out paddling on Thursday evening with plans to join another group on Friday night and left the kayaks on the car with the “Lasso™ Security Cables” in place. Well low and behold, when we went to remove the kayaks the next afternoon there was substantial damage to one of the “Lasso™ Security Cables” which appeared to be the result of a whole hearted effort to break the lock and steal one of the kayaks. Without “Lasso™ Security Cables”, I would have been out a new kayak. I can tell you that the cost for the cables was nothing compared to the investment in the kayak. To make sure that I had my investment protected again, I went out the next day and ordered another set of “Lasso™ Security Cables” Thank you very much for making such a good product and helping me keep my kayaks safe and secure. I will never be without my “lasso Security Cables”
Very loyal customer
~ Steven Mathers (Ontario, Canada)

Make sure your boat is safe…

Whether you’re hiking, camping, staying in a motel, grabbing a bite to eat, or just need to leave your kayak parked on top or your vehicle for a while, it’s important to consider that it only takes a thief about 30 seconds to cut your straps and make off with your kayak. One unfortunate reality is, if a thief wants to steal something, they will find a way. Having said that, I believe that most thieves are inherently lazy; that’s why they’re thieves. So any deterrent you can present is going to go a long way to making sure you still have a kayak the next time you need an adventure or want to go for a paddle. Lasso™ kayak locks are a highly visible and effective theft deterrent that will send would be thieves looking for an easier target.

We at Lasso™ sincerely hope you never experiance the loss of your Kayak.

We appreciate hearing from you. Send us a simple e-mail and tell us what you like about your Lasso™ Security Cable. Your fellow kayakers will enjoy your feedback.