Kong Cable Instructions:

Download our printer-friendly instructions for the Kong Cable kayak lock here.

Kong Cable: Setting Your Combination

  1. Line up the guide point with the default combination: 0-0-0-0.
    (See fig. 1 below)
  2. Pull the lock apart. If you have aligned the combination correctly, the cable
    should separate easily.
  3. Push down the center of the Reset Dial until you feel it click into place.
    (See fig. 3 below)
  4. Choose your desired combination by lining your selection up with the guide point.
  5. Taking care not to move the number dials, return the Reset Dial to its original position by flipping the setting button back up until you feel it click again.
  6. VERY IMPORTANT! To verify your new combination before using your lock, insert the lock post all the way into the barrel but do not turn the dials. Remove the lock post and your Lasso™ is now ready for use.

Kong Cable: Using the Combo Searching Key

This feature allows you to reset an improperly set or forgotten combination. To use this function, your lock must be unlocked from the Key Slot. (Fig. 2)

  1. Insert Searching Key into the slot provided until it stops. (Fig. 2)
  2. Turn the first Number Dial until you feel the searching key slide in further.
    When the correct number has been found and the pin is fully inserted, that
    number will no longer turn. This is how you know it is right.
  3. Continue with procedure 2 & 3 on the second, third and fourth dials until the Searching Key is fully inserted and the combo mechanism releases from the
    opposite side of the lock.
  4. Choose your desired combination by lining your selection up with the guide point.
  5. Write down your combo for future reference, or if you wish to choose a new combination, return to “Setting Your Combination” steps 2 – 4.

Please feel free to contact us if you require additional support for your kayak lock.