Raccoon Proof and Animal Proof Your Garbage Cans

Doggy Dare™ Trash Can Lock fits 33 gal. and 45 gal. trash cans

Make your garbage cans…

  • Raccoon proof garbage cans
  • Bear resistant garbage cans
  • Rodent proof garbage cans
  • Dog proof trash cans
  • Livestock proof garbage cans
  • Keep Varmints of all kinds out of your garbage cans

Engineered to Prevent spilled garbage from:

  • Dogs, Bear, and Racoons
  • Winter storms
  • Overstuffed cans

Doggy Dare locks all 33 or 45 gallon garbage cans we are familiar with.
Quick and easy — locks easily and opens with one hand.
Made from the most durable materials and extensively tested to provide superior protection.
Four-point engineered security system includes over ten feet of durable shock cord and heavy duty buckle.


  1. Turn empty trash can upside down and slide Doggy Dare™ over the bottom so buckle ends extend over open end of can.
  2. Turn can upright and place lid on can.
  3. Connect buckle over lid and Doggy Dare™ is ready to keep things where they belong–in the can!

Garbage Can Lock Specifications:

  • Constructed from over 10′ of durable shock cord.
  • Heavy Duty Plastic Locking Buckle
  • Stainless Steel Hardware

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