Lock•All Instructions:

Changing the Default Combination

  1. Turn combination to default setting (0000) and disengage barrel lock from cable lock post.
  2. Grasp barrel mechanism firmly while holding number tumblers in place, turn reset ring clockwise until it stops.
  3. Adjust number tumblers to set desired combination (Write down your combination and store it in a secure place.)
  4. Hold number tumblers in place and turn reset ring counterclockwise until it stops.

Lock-All combination change diagram

Very important

After setting your personal code and before turning tumblers, slip the male end of the lock mechanism in and out of the barrel slot 2-4 times and check to be sure the combination has been set correctly. Your lock will now function properly and protct your valuables from theft. After resetting, the lock can only be opened by the new number combination you have set.

Repeat the above steps to change your combination in the future.