Supporting our Water Planet Earth

Here at Lasso™ Security Cables, we are painfully aware that our natural resources are vanishing fast. We as humans can not survive without clean water. We drink it, we grow our food with it, our oceans support billions of people and for many, it is where we go to find our spirit, to get nourished, commune with the Water Planetpower of nature and become revitalized.

In short, WATER is our most valuable resource. We are doing our small part by donating 10% of the profits generated from the sale of Lasso™ Security Cables to non-profit organizations committed to preserving our rivers, oceans, waterways and the environment. The staff at Lasso sincerely thank you for your support and want you to know your purchase is an important step, that joins many other individuals and companies moving toward the protection of our water and the environment that nourishes us on every level.

Thank you!

The staff at Lasso™ Security Cables

If you have a favorite non-profit organization you would like us to consider, please drop us a line and let us know, we are always excited to hear about what individuals and organizations are doing to address these critical issues that affect us all.


Michael Jewell

Owner, Lasso™ Security Cables