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Surfboard / Stand Up Paddling (SUP)
Locking Cable

Model # DXLX-Surf

The Complete DXLX® Surf System is an excellent way to protect your surfboards from theft.The complete system comes with everything you need to get started.

1- 10ft Stainless Steel, Coated DXLX® Cable, with resettable combination.

1- Cleat for use in Fin Track

1- DXLX® Jaw

Weight: 1.25lbs

Surfboard Locking Cable
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Surfboard Lock Cleat

Surfboard Lock Jaw

Surfboard Lock Cleat
Use the Cleat for a single €n track if your board does not have a leash plug bar. The Cleat uses a one way tensioner screw and will not harm your board in any any way. Made From Stainless steel.
Surfboard Lock Jaw
The jaw attaches to your lease plug or cleat for €n track. Use multiple jaws to lock multiple boards with one cable. Made of Stainless steel, and it swivels so it wont hurt your board.

Model #: DXLX-Surf

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Frequenty Asked Questions

Q. How can I lock Multiple Boards With Docks Locks?
A. In Order to Lock Multiple Boards with docks Locks All that is needed is an extra Jaw for each Board you would like to lock. Simply attach each jaw to the board you would like to lock and run the DXLX cable thru each Jaw.

Q. Will The DocksLocks System Damage My Board?
A. No, The DocksLocks System was designed with Board friendly Materials, high grade stainless steel ensures the lock will not rust even around saltwater, and the Swivel action of the jaw ensures no damage to your board when the jaw is attached.

Q. What if my board does not have a leash plug?
A. If your Board does not Have a leash plug, simply install the provided Fin track Cleat and attach the jaw to it.

Q. Will DocksLocks Work With SUP boards?
A. Yes, Our DocksLocks System Will work with virtually any Board. If your SUP board doesn't have a leash plug, Just install the Cleat in your SUP !n Track.

Q. Can I Lock my Wakeboard or Kiteboard with Dockslocks?
A. Yes, The Dockslocks Wake/kiteboard System, Was designed to be used with any board that has inserts. Just install the Unversal Cleat(provided With the Wake/kite System) and attach the jaw, Your Ready to go!

Q. What does DocksLocks Lock To?
A. You can attach DocksLocks to any Stationary Object, Such as but not limited to, Roof Racks, Park bench, bike rack, the possiblities are endless.